Your Figma Design, Your Rules is the easiest way to share your design knowledge from Figma. Show your work and document your design in less than a minute.

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Document your designs without leaving Figma. Our seamless integration saves you time and keeps your workflow smooth and efficient.

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Streamline With Markdown & Selectors

Use Markdown and selectors to streamline documentation and extract design data quickly, keeping your workflow efficient and integrated.

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Build, Share And Maintain Your Work

Enhance your Figma workflow by easily creating, sharing, and maintaining your documentation. Keep your team aligned and your projects up-to-date effortlessly.

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Build Your Design System As You Wish

At, we understand that while structure is essential, flexibility in expression is key to innovative design. Our platform offers a robust framework that supports your creative journey, allowing you to tailor your design system to tell your story, your way. While we provide the scaffold, you have the freedom to fill it with your unique style and insights. It’s your design, shaped by your rules, enabling you to communicate your vision

Manage Your Layout the way you want

With, harness the power of Markdown and selectors to design and manage your layouts exactly as you envision. Our flexible tools give you complete control over every aspect of your page layout, allowing you to customize and adjust details to match your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. Imagine and implement your ideal visual arrangement with ease—whether you're aiming for simplicity or complex, multi-layered designs, our platform adapts to your creative vision, ensuring that your layouts look and function flawlessly.

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Extract All Your Design Datas

Unlock the full potential of your design documentation with’s powerful @ selector. This feature allows you to extract every parameter and attribute from your designs, simplifying the way you define documentation rules. Focus on crafting your rules without worrying about tracking specific values. As your designs are updated, your documentation will automatically refresh, ensuring it always reflects the latest changes. Maintain up-to-date documentation effortlessly, letting you keep your creative flow uninterrupted.

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Works With Figma Modes seamlessly integrates with Figma’s versatile modes, enabling you to tailor your documentation for every aspect of your design system. Whether you're adjusting for themes, devices, or languages, our platform respects Figma’s logic and mirrors each variable mode accurately. This compatibility ensures that your documentation is as dynamic and adaptable as your designs.

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Unlock the full potential of your projects with Begin effortlessly creating, managing, and maintaining your design documentation now, and streamline your workflow for better productivity and collaboration.

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14 days of free trial then $9.99 / month